Electro Automation are delighted to launch the GridSmart®

Traffic Management Solution.

Encapsulating the following products:
GridSmart® Road
• GridSmart® Traffic Light
• GridSmart® Count
• GridSmart® Software
This system is a single-camera, single-wire installation, with instinctive software, attached to the industry’s most powerful computing instrument and is the one solution that meets your needs, from a single actuated junction or motorway counting
station to the largest coordinated system. These site-based solutions manage and improve traffic at a single location or series
of locations. The software allow you to connect, view, manage and optimise an entire corridor or region. View realtime measures such as minute-by-minute arrivals on green or just watch the traffic flow with your iPhone® or iPad®.
GridSmart® Road
• Vehicle Counting
• Vehicle Tracking
• Pedestrian Counting
• Turning Movements
• Length Based Classification
• Live Video, Virtual PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
• Incident Detection
• Ghost Driver Detection
All at the same time from one camera: White Light/Thermal/Infrared.
GridSmart® Traffic Light
• Traffic Light Sensor Replacement
• Virtual PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) no moving parts, no aim or focus
• Object Tracking and Detection
• GridSmart® uses adaptive vehicle tracking algorithms to provide data for signal optimisation and intersection efficiency
• No more loops to repair - ever! Night Works and Traffic Management are a thing of the past
• Compatible with existing loop systems
• Stop Bar Actuation and Zone Detection
• Connects to existing controllers (emulates loop output)
• No in-road devices
• Small to large junctions
• One time installation cost
• Unobtrusive, attractive dome
GridSmart® Count
• Vehicle Counting
• Pedestrian Counting
• Turning Movements
• One camera/sensor
• Non-intrusive
• Length-Based Classification
• Directional Counting (people and vehicles) for junctions, roads and pedestrian areas
GridSmart® Software
GridSmart® Central provides for tools that automate and enhance the management and visualisation of motorways or corridors from a central location or traffic control centre.
• GridSmart® Central
• Unlimited GridSmart® sites
• GridSmart® site and camera auto-discovery
• Multi-monitor video wall support, virtual CCTV
• Map-based view
• Integrated alerts
• Remote configuration
• View other IP cameras
Determine, display and output travel time within a motorway segment or urban corridor, which integrates with alerts and VMS signage. Electro Automation is a wholly Irish limited company and was founded in 1984 in Dublin. Since then the group has expanded to four companies employing nearly 200 highly trained and motivated staff. It has separate divisions in Dublin, Lisburn, Surrey and Erfurt Germany. Our ITS Division is at the forefront of providing motorway operators, local authorities,
government, road construction companies and police forces with the latest products available on the market. Using its skilled ITS maintenance resources Electro Automation can provide customers with an installation, support and calibration service, nationwide, 24/7.
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