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DURAPATCH™ is a cold applied instant and permanent
Asphalt repair material that will perform similarly
to hot laid macadam. DURAPATCH™ is manufactured
using high Polished Stone Value (PSV) aggregates
and a specially modified bitumen.
DURAPATCH™ will provide a permanent repair to:
• Potholes
• Utility Cuts
• Patches
• Small road repairs
DURAPATCH™ incorporates MACFIX® Licensed Technology
by using a special additive, providing an immediate
permanent repair solution to potholes in roads, driveways,
car parks and many other surfaces. DURAPATCH™ contains
NO solvents, and its ECO friendly formula results in
virtually no VOC’s, therefore no harmful vapours are given
off. The compacted DURAPATCH™ material can be
trafficked immediately, providing a quick, efficient and
permanent asphalt repair.

Product Specification
DURAPATCH™ is a CE marked product that is manufactured
in accordance with the requirements of the IS EN 13108
standards. DURAPATCH™ is manufactured using MACFIX®
Licensed Technology from Macismo International Ltd.
MACFIX® Licensed Technology is BBA/HAPAS accredited

Grades Available
DURAPATCH™ is available in the following grades;
• 0/6mm surface course
• 0/10mm surface course
• 0/14mm surface course
• 0/20mm base course
The 0/20mm base course grade has been developed
for applications where deeper reinstatement or repairs
are needed such as utility cuts.
• •

Packaging and Storage
DURAPATCH™ is available in 18kg re-sealable tubs,
25kg plastic bags, 1 tonne bags and also in larger
bulk delivery. The product has
a shelf life of approximately
24 months.
• •
Quality Control
DURAPATCH™ is manufactured by Roadstone Ltd. in our
ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facilities. The highest
standards of quality control are applied to all constituent
materials and to the manufactured product, under the
IS EN 13108-21 factory production control system.
DURAPATCH™ is also a CE marked product. MACFIX®
Licensed Technology has been proven worldwide
as a permanent asphalt repair solution in all climates.

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