Flood Relief Bags

Bryko Ltd. Is Irelands leading supplier of filled flood bags for
emergency flood defence. A family run company, we at Bryko
have gained the trust and respect of city and town councils over
the years to deliver on our promise of quality and service when its
required.Working together with local authorities we have helped to save
hundreds of thousands of euro in damages to properties and households alike. Over the years we have identified the two main priorities required by public authorities during flooding emergencies which is why we offer a 24 hour 364 days per year service to local authorities attached to emergency flood response.

1. Speed and punctuality of delivery.
2. Volume of Flood bags to be produced within a short period.

Bryko supply filled and stitched 25kg flood bags from the most up to
date robotic bagging plant in the country designed to turn out high
volumes of bags shrink wrapped and stacked on pallets. Bryko also
deliver and place bulk bag defences and our new patented Mini Dam
flood defence system to Locations around the 32 counties . Our exciting newly patented Mini Dam product is a single easily handled sand bag 12 feet long and 15 inches high which can be deployed in seconds to create a long seamless barrier.

With our fleet of 16 delivery vehicles ranging from articulated trucks,
rigid trucks fitted with cranes, and trucks with mounted forklifts we can
rapidly deliver large volumes of filled flood bags anywhere in the country. City councils, Town councils, Army and Civil Defence branches have all called upon and relied on Bryko to supply them with emergency supplies of flood bags. Bryko have a variety of flood defence methods which have been deployed rapidly in towns and cities over the last 16 years, which have saved hundreds of thousands of euros in damages to property and households in recent years.

For further information on Bryko Ltd pleaae contact:
Tel: 045 865101
Mobile: 087 9971484
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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