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New qualification to help improve agility in the public sector

A new qualification designed to meet Government demands for improved delivery of digital services in the public sector has been released.

AgileDS©  has been developed by the Agile Business Consortium and integrates the world-leading Agile project management framework AgilePM®* with elements of Government Digital Service (GDS) guidance.

An early prototype was initially trialed by Newcastle City Council and the Ministry of Justice before undergoing a rigorous two-stage beta programme.

The four-day course, which improves skills in agile project and programme management, was tested by over 20 public sector organisations and suppliers to the public sector. More than 200 people took part, with additional content being included as a result of feedback.

AgileDS covers four key areas: service, lifestyle and products; themes and responsibilities; techniques; and planning, control and governance.

It also looks at terminology, recognising the differences between agile and GDS terms and phrases and bringing them together to form one, clear, common understanding and language.

“AgileDS will be a crucial tool to help the public sector meet the demands of the Government Transformation Strategy 2017 - 2020 which calls for improved skills in agile project and programme management,” said Geof Ellingham, Chair of the Agile Business Consortium.

“This new course and qualification tailors AgilePM to the public sector and aligns it with existing civil service guidance, enabling a consistent approach to implementing GDS standards in an agile way.

“It has been developed in full agile style, including user research to finetune feedback and full transparency through all development stages.”

Geof added the feedback from the organisations that took part in beta testing had been very good and had helped further refine the product to ensure it is relevant and focused.

“AgileDS is not just for the public sector,” he added. “It’s also a valuable tool for private sector suppliers and any large organisation with its focus on the user.”

For more information on AgileDS, visit : agilebusiness.org/digital-services.

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